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The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index Webinar

Agility and Transport Intelligence discuss the 2021 global economic outlook, ongoing supply chain turmoil, and lasting change brought about by the pandemic — all reflected in the just-launched 2021 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index.

How have operations been affected by COVID-19?

The pandemic brings challenges, but the logistics industry is looking ahead.

Is COVID-19 changing the way businesses operate?

We asked, 1,200+ logistics experts how the pandemic has changed the way their business operates globally or regionally.

If Businesses Move Operations from China, Where to Go?

Despite COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing US-China trade friction, only 8% of companies relocating production from China would consider reshoring to their home countries. For logistics executives who would pull operations from China, where would they relocate to?

Nigeria, a nation on the move

Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economy has not escaped a downturn during the pandemic, but it has a growing and increasingly middle-class population.

The Most Potential & the Least Potential

Which countries have the potential to be logistics hubs in the next five years?

Asia Dominates the 2021 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index

Asia, home to the world’s largest concentration of export-oriented manufacturing,
continues to dominate the Index.

The Changing Face of Protectionism

Will increasing trade protectionism prompt executives to rethink investments in emerging markets?

The Gulf is Strongest in Business Fundamentals

The GCC offers the best, most stable business climates in the world of emerging markets.

Disruption Across the Global Supply Chain

Logistics executives felt disruption across the entire supply chain in 2020. This is likely to have implications for freight forwarders in 2021 and beyond.

Latin America

Latin American nations are struggling to recover from recession caused by the pandemic.

What are the Top Ten Emerging Markets?

Amid an economic downturn and uncertainty caused by the pandemic, these nations rank highest in the 2021 Agility Emerging Markets
Logistics Index.


New Release

More than half of global logistics executives say there won’t be a global recovery until 2022. This is one of many new findings in a survey of 1,206 professionals in the 2021 Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, an annual snapshot of industry sentiment and a ranking of the world’s 50 leading emerging markets by size, business conditions, infrastructure and transport connections.