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Updates: COVID-19


United States

On September 13th the Saudi Arabia Government announce that all restrictions on travel will be lifted by 1 January 2021. This will have a positive impact on alleviating the current constraints on Air Freight capacity.

The U.S. government’s new ban on travel to/from Brazil, implemented on May 28, will likely increase rates for cargo to and from Brazil as passenger flights are cancelled and widebody belly capacity decreases.

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Ocean Freight Capacity

LCL Direct Services
(Europe to USA)

In today’s challenging supply chain environment, Agility is here to provide you with solutions that leverage the most direct LCL ocean services available.

New Express LCL Services
(USA to Europe)

Customers with high-priority LCL shipments now have the option to utilize Agility’s new Express LCL Service from the US to select European base ports.

New Express LCL Services
(Europe to USA)

Customers with high-priority LCL shipments can leverage Agility’s new Express LCL Services from Europe to the US.