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This map aggregates tradelane capacity data that is updated once a week by Agility’s operational teams

Road Freight Services
(China to Europe)

Companies that need to ship their much needed products can leverage Agility’s Road Freight Services covering all the major industrial areas in China and Europe.

Reviewed: March 4, 2021


Unlike ocean and airfreight, road freight has generally been the least effected by the COVID 19 pandemic, with the exception of countries under severe lockdowns.

Europe has been the fastest region to return to normal operations, with the opening of borders and alleviating of restrictions on shipments largely lifted across all countries. However a fast developing COVID-19 situation in the United Kingdom, has led to several European countries closing their borders to the United Kingdom on Sunday night, December 20th, 2020. We can now report the following restrictions:

  • After a 48 hours travel ban, France is now allowing rail, air and sea services to resume as of December 23. All people traveling to France from the U.K., including truck drivers, are required to show proof of a negative coronavirus test taken within the previous 72 hours entering the country.
  • GermanyItaly and the Netherlands have ordered a suspension of flights from the United Kingdom, while Ireland announced it would impose restrictions on flights and ferries
  • Belgium announced it would close its borders to flights and trains, including the Eurostar service from London

Information on delays at border crossings in near real time can be found here.

In Asia Pacific, capacity has been strained due to additional demand—especially food and medical supplies under lockdown.  Asia Pacific is still experiencing disruptions to road freight services. In China, there are no restrictions on domestic road freight shipments; however sourcing drivers is challenging and restrictions on the movement of drivers in “high risk” cities is still in place. Export and import shipment are experiencing prolonged delays at the Pingxiang border with Vietnam, where they have introduced a number of new policies. From mid-January, 2021 X-ray and re-weighting of all export containers from China was made mandatory (by Vietnam Customs).  Pingxiang customs authorities also launched their truck queuing system on 1 February, 2021, which is also impacting the traffic and customs clearance lead-times. Furthermore, road freight has become a popular alternative to ocean freight. These factors are causing delays and a shortage of equipment in the market.

The Americas have been one of the least effected regions. In the USA, there are currently no restrictions on domestic and cross border road freight. However, capacity is still experiencing some volatility, mainly in California, due to decrease in the number of operators.

The Middle East and Africa has experienced a significant impact on road freight, due to lockdowns and border closures, particularly in the GCC. However, these have now been lifted across the GCC has had a major impact on enabling the flow of road freight in the region.

Please find here our Country Tracker for detailed information on schedules, capacities and constraints.


  • Due to the ongoing closing of European borders, delays are inevitable in international- and local deliveries
  • International line hauls for groupage shipments to and from Italy stopped from Thursday March 26, 2020
  • Upfront clarification needed if cargo can be picked-up or delivered to avoid demurrage and return cost 
  • Upfront clarification needed if cargo can be picked-up or delivered
  • More detailed on current road freight market developments can be found at the IRU (Road Transport Union) website here.
  • Information on delays at border crossings in near real time can be found here.
  • Further disruptions expected according to developing situation in other European countries
  • Alternative (ad-hoc) solutions to overcome limitations are available on request
  • Please find detailed information on schedules, capacities and constraints in the Agility Operational Tracker

Country by Country Overview


  • Strong disruptions in local pick­-up and delivery­ activities
  • Local market is reaching capacity litmits for warehouse space
  • Limited capacity issues with availability of drivers and equipment on specific trade lanes


  • Some disruptions in local pick­-up and delivery­ activities
  • Industry is more and more closing down production


  • Strong disruptions due to government measures
  • Local pick­-up and delivery­ disruptions as well as international line haul delays due to closing down of domestic transport companies 
  • Hardly any service available in Italy due to the closing down of factories 
  • Traffic to/from CEE and Balkan countries is more and more delayed as well as some border crossings are being closed
  • Alternative (ad-hoc) solutions to overcome these limitations are available on request


  • Limited disruptions in local pick­-up and delivery­ activities
  • Industry is more and more closing down production


  • Limited disruptions in local pick­-up and delivery­ activities
  • Industry is more and more closing down production


  • Strong disruptions due to government measures
  • Local pick­-up and delivery­ disruptions as well as international line haul delays
  • Industry is largely closing down production
  • Hardly any service available in Spain due to the closing down of non-essential industries
  • Alternative (ad-hoc) solutions to overcome these limitations are available on request


  • Limited disruptions in local pick­-up and delivery­ activities

United Kingdom:

  • Some disruptions due to government measures
  • More disruptions in local pick-up and delivery activities


  • Russia: borders with European countries have been closed fro non-Russian drivers. St-Petersburg Port is reaching capacity limits
  • Eastern European: traffic to/from countries is delayed as well as some border crossings are being closed
  • Turkey: traffic to via Balkan-Route is blocked due to quarantine for the driver before entering Turkey as well as many borders being closed. Short Sea alternative available via port of Trieste (Italy), yet strongly congested
  • Please contact your local Agility contract for details on your country if not listed above

Americas Road Freight Update

  • No current indications of substantial road freight capacity issues. Though many governments have enforced a “shelter in place” rule, logistics operations fall within the current definition of “essential” business.
  • Road freight operations seem only to be hampered by availability of import volumes and export containers.

Asia Pacific Road Freight Update


  • The borders  with Afghanistan are currently closed for all commercial movements , except for food and medical supplies
  • Customs and terminals are operative with squeezed office timings , short of staff due to lock down , operations are continue  
  • The Federal and Provincial Government has exempted the movement of essential goods, such as food, medical supplies, and fuel can be shipped within and between the cities without any restrictions


  • Export shipment are experiencing serious delays in the gateway (4-5 days impact on the  clearance), Import is about 1 to 2day delays
  • There are currently no restrictions on in-country road freight shipments, however Hubei drivers are required to stay in quarantine for 14 days before heading to the border gateway
  • Vietnam border: Significant driver and equipment shortages and reduction of customs officers are causing inbound/outbound customs formality process delays. Drivers and vehicles are also required 14 days quarantines
  • Laos border: No significant impact
  • Thailand border: Padang Besar Border is currently closed, while the  Sadao Border is the only border thatis open and has an exemption for transportation, wherein 1 truck is only allowed with a single driver and the driver must go through health screening before entering into Thailand
  • Malaysia border: Movement Control Order- MITI approval required for all cross border shipment to be delivered to consignee’s premise. Singapore drivers are required to go into quarantine for 14 days after any travel in or out of Singapore
  • Singapore border: Non-restriction on commercial cargo for Cross border shipment

Middle-East Road Freight Update


  • The King Fahd Causeway connecting Bahrain with Saudi Arabia remains heavily congested, with only food and essential life science products currently permitted to be exported from Bahrain
  • The lead-time for a truck to arrive at Bahrain Customs at King Fahd Causeway from Khalifa Port is taking a minimum of 4 – 5 days (normal lead time is half a day)
  • The Saudi Arabia authorities have stopped issuing ‘Transit Visa’s’ for heavy duty drivers except for Food and Essential life science products and only from the Saudi embassy in Bahrain city instead of the Saudi immigration office at King Fahd Causeway
  • There are currently no local restriction imposed on in-country road freight transportation
  • Sea freight is the most common alternate mode of shipping being advised to our customers


  • Borders with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan remain closed
  • The border with Turkey, although there are currently severe delays and Turkish trucks are not permitted to enter Iraq and so have to transfer cargo to Iraqi trucks
  • Within Kurdistan, In country movement is allowed, however Government approval is required prior shipments
  • Within Iraq, Basra, Baghdad no road freight is permitted, however Agility is currently in the process of obtaining Government approval to allow truck movement deliveries to oil fields


  • The Jaber border with Lebanon is operating normally using back-to-back loading procedures for all cargo shipments
  • For all shipments via the Omari borders, arriving from GCC countries are delayed due to additional COVID19 test results certificates (Drivers unable to present the test result will be quarantined for 14 days before moving to their final destination in Jordan)
  • Amman and Aqaba customs are operating in split shifts and providing priority to food and healthcare products which is causing delays
  • Restrictions are in place for in-country road freight, with priority given to food and Pharma goods and permits required for all drivers
  • We are currently advising clients to use the sea freight where possible and Agility can provide storage solutions for any cargo delayed at Aqaba port


  • From Kuwait there are restrictions on the export of all food and medical items
  • The Saudi border is only allowing food, medicine, military cargo and relief items to transit through the land border and so Kuwait are unable to provide road freight services to The UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Oman  
  • For local deliveries within Kuwait, we are working at limited capacity, as containers must be picked by 3.30 pm
  • Exemption passes can be obtained on a limited basis to carry out emergency deliveries 


  • Customs authorities are operating with minimum staff and reduced working hours, leading to delays of 1 to 2 days and currently only Lebanese drivers are currently allowed to cross the borders
  • There are currently no restrictions to In-country road freight movements


  • Customs clearance operations are continuing without any restrictions at all four road borders – Wajajah, Wadi Al Jizi, Khatmat Milaha and Hafeet in Oman
  • There are no restrictions for import trucks in entering Oman.
  • Oman registered trucks are currently not allowed to exit Oman for any GCC countries including UAE
  • The other GCC registered trucks are carrying backloads from Oman with restrictions as imposed by KSA government for both transit trucks and final delivery into KSA.
  • There are no restrictions yet for domestic deliveries and distribution

Saudi Arabia:

  • Imports into Saudi Arabia are moving as normal, however trans shipments are limited to essential products only (Medical supplies and food etc)
  • A curfew is in place, restricting the movement of goods via road freight except for food and medical supplies; Outside of the curfew all goods are able to move within the country, although there are restrictions within highly infected areas.
  • Agility trucks currently have permissions to move within the country during curfew
  • Road Freight Capacity is currently down by 20-30%, causing an increase in rates
  • Deliveries from the ports to customers in Saudi are also facing delay
  • All borders fees and rates remain the same but with delays: special sanitization process and dedicated driver checks are taking place at all borders and the new border process is causing delays of 1-2 days
  • All cargo is currently allowed in Saudi as a final destination from Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain
  • All borders with Yemen have been closed, except for Al-Wadeea and Yemeni trucks are not allowed to cross the border into Saudi Arabia (trans loading to Saudi trucks taking roughly 5 days)
  • Saudi trucks back loaded from Yemen with mostly Yemeni drivers, taking an additional 14 days due to extra COVID-19 precautions
  • Egyptian drivers are currently not allowed to enter KSA and as a result the majority of trucks coming from Egypt are trans loading the cargo on a locally operating trucks
  • From Jordan, only Jordanian and Saudi Arabian drivers and trucks are allowed to enter through the border
  • All cargo from Lebanon via road are trans loading to Jordanian or Saudi trucks at OMARI border (Jordan land)
  • All cargo from Syria via road are also trans loading to Jordanian or Saudi trucks at AL-JABER border (Jordan land)
  • The Iraq / Saudi border remains closed
  • We advise customers to ship cargo via sea and air where possible


  • Land borders between Turkey and CIS countries are subject to additional checks, but currently open without restrictions
  • Imports entering Turkey from the EU and CIS countries are currently facing lengthy delays and significant capacity constraints
  • Borders with Iraq are only allowing the movement of essential products, such as medicines and foods
  • There are currently no restrictions to in-country road freight

UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai):

  • There are current restrictions on transit routes to Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan due to the new Saudi Arabia transit rule which limits the driver’s transit visa issuance only through its local embassy (currently closed)
  • Only basic goods (Food , Medicine and relief shipments) are allowed entry into Saudi Arabia subject to The Food and Medicine Authority determination
  • We expect border delays due to  strict health screening of driver’s
  • For in-country road freight there is currently capacity issues with availability of drivers and equipment due to high market demand on distribution and export shipments
  • There is currently no road restrictions on in-country road freight
  • Strict health screening by sea port and airports on all trucks operating in those areas

Africa Road Freight Update


  • The Egyptian Customs Authority are working with restricted hours from Saturday till Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • There is currently an imposed curfew being applied for the next 15 days on all roads from 7:00 pm – 6:00 am daily. During this period only food and essential medical supplies are allowed to move via road freight
  • Sea ports are closing at 4pm and local deliveries within Egypt are significantly delayed and are taking as long as 3 days


  • There are currently no restrictions on border crossing in and out of Kenya for road freight shipments
  • Health screenings for drivers are taking place which is causing some delays
  • There are currently no restrictions on in-country road freight shipments

South Africa:

  • Currently customs authorities are only processing essential products
  • All other borders except Ressano Garcia are closed indefinitely
  • There are restrictions on in-country road freight for only essential items only essential services however awaiting our government final feedback
  • Permit requirements – Awaiting feedback from our government department
  • We are advising customer to move goods by ocean where possibly and not road.
  • We are also assisting customer with storage facilities for their goods containers, LCL and airfreight.


  • Mozambique – has closed borders to both import and transit loads unless the load is on a Mozambican registered vehicle with a Mozambique citizen driving
  • Nyamapanda will allow foreign vehicles to transit only to Malawi if the vehicle is carrying essential cargo, and after drivers pass a health check

Please find here our Country Tracker