Agility Global Shipping
Updates: COVID-19


Our Approach

Safety first

  • Safety first. We are committed to the safety of our employees, customers and communities. There is nothing more important.
  • “Social Distancing” and other containment efforts.  We promote and reinforce all the best practices for personal, workplace and community health.
  •  Government/Expert Guidance. We monitor carefully and follow the direction of local authorities.

Management-led rapid response

  • Rapid Response Team (RRT) monitoring and coordinating our global response. We have a senior leadership team managing Agility’s response, operating in an “agile” fashion, and providing guidance to key stakeholders. Each country has formed its own Rapid Response Team as well.
  • Business Continuity Plans. Every country organization has activated their COVID-19 BCP plan, in almost all cases, ahead of the widespread government restrictions we are seeing around the world. These plans pay particular attention to workplace hygiene, contingency arrangements for work-from-home or split shift scenarios, and back-up operations if there are significant restrictions on travel on people that affect air or ocean capacity. See our framework here.
  • Communications. We have created a central point for validated internal communications via our intranet, and for external information via our website. These platforms are updated daily.

Customer engagement

  • Keep cargo moving: Our people around the world are working closely with customers, local governments, and humanitarian partner organizations to #keepcargomoving. Logistics is an essential industry in a crisis like this, and we are determined to do our part.  
  • Operational updates: We are proactively sending customers operational updates in addition to the “always-on” COVID-19 operational information on our public website. This information offers a view of the global air freight, ocean freight, and road freight markets, as well as country-level drill downs.

Employee Health

  • Reducing international travel. Agility has temporarily restricted all international business travel.
  • Temperature screening and enhanced hygiene and sanitation measures. We have instituted mandatory temperature screening worldwide; reduced the number of employees physically present in the office wherever possible; split teams into shifts or A/B teams; and are regularly disinfecting facilities.


  • Community engagement: Agility is part of the Pandemic Supply Chain Network, a coalition of United Nations Agencies including the WHO, WFP, UNICEF, as well as the World Economic Forum and its private sector members. The PSCN provides supply chain capacity and constraint information to all responders and donates to support relief efforts. Agility has offered WHO free warehouse space to stockpile medical supplies in Dubai, Malaysia and Ghana, and has facilitated contacts between responders and our customers who make or distributed masks, gloves, goggles, gowns and other personal protection equipment.

How We Handle Goods

Our aim is to protect Agility warehouse employees and our customers. At our facilities, we use a set of detailed safety guidelines that cover personal hygiene, physical distancing, Personal Protective Equipment, good housekeeping, temperature screenings and rules for handling goods and cargo.

The guidelines were developed by Agility’s Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety & Security team. They are based on best practices issued by international health, safety and industry groups.