Multiple state governments in India have announced extensions to the existing lockdowns, with strict restrictions on the movement of people. As a result, this is causing general delays across logistics operations throughout the country, Full list of impacted states below:


​Restrictions Announced



Strict Lockdown

Till 7 AM on 15th June


Strict Lockdown

Till 7th June

​Tamil Nadu

​Strict Lockdown

Till 7th June


​Strict Lockdown. Prohibition on movement of goods vehicles in Hyderabad from 10 am to 9 pm during this period; movement of only emergency medical shipments allowed as an exception

​Till 10th June

Andhra Pradesh

Partial Lockdown

Till 15th June


​Strict Lockdown

​Till 6 AM on 7th June


​Strict Lockdown

​Till 9th June


Night Curfew between 9 pm to 6 am

Till 4th June

West Bengal

Strict Lockdown

Till 15th June

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